Diet Classification

The most important part of this healthy diet is to distinguish the individual’s temperament correctly, while it can be changed by age, foods, activities, season, and geographical climate.

Degree of Person's Temper or Food's Nature  with 4 Elements
Degree of Person’s Temper or Food’s Nature with 4 Elements

Not only the tempers of people are different, but also the nature of foods varies based on their types and the place of growth. Therefore different persons or foods get distinct points on the Degree Chart.   

Moreover, each food would increase one of these temperaments in our body, so we have to eat foods of opposite nature to our temperament to reach the Neutral point on the Degree Chart as shown in the table below.

Modern research translated the warm nature of food as its high calorie or fat-burning quality, the cold nature as low calorie or slow burning in our metabolism, wet as the alkaline, and dry as the acidic impact on our digestion system.

Avicenna Diet Classification

For example, if a person’s temper is distinguished as Warm & Dry, he/she should mostly eat Cold & Wet foods, and try not to eat Warm & Dry Foods for having a healthy diet. Further, we should know that if we don’t follow a healthy diet based on our temperament, the wrong foods can influence our digestion, glands activity, and emotional reactivity, which lead to the following 4 major types of Mood or Humor. In the above example, having Warm & Dry foods by a person with a Warm & Dry temper would lead to a Fire-like mood or Choleric humor, but by eating Cold & Wet foods, he/she feels a balanced mood and has a healthy body.

Table of Mood & Humor

On the other hand, the imbalance of body temperament and mood leads to the onset of diseases like Obesity, being Underweight, Allergies, Headaches, Digestive diseases, Liver diseases, Infertility, Cardiovascular diseases, Anxiety, Depression, and Cancers.

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