Our Services are offered in three different packages:

1- Silver Package: Free

It is a free subscription to our posts &  blogs with more diet information for different temperaments including a more detailed table of diet classification for foods, herbs & spices.

2- Gold Package: $A

Further to the silver package, we examine your body temperament and prepare your personalized diet plan. You are going to answer some questions for an online assessment of your body & mood conditions and your personalized plan will be sent to your email after 1-2 business days. The Plan is including what foods & actions are good, or bad for your body’s temperament. It is good for those who want to follow a long-term healthy lifestyle.

3- Platinium Package: (Open Soon)

Further to the above services, it provides the specific herbal prescription for medical issues such as herbal supplements with other necessary actions. It is good for those who have an illness or medical problem. These can be used as a complementary to your normal medicine or treatment if allowed by your family/specialty doctor.