Keeping Healthy During Travel

Many people get sick during their trips because of changing their food habits and the climate.  Here are some effective points to consider for keeping healthy during your travel:

  1. You should choose your food according to your temperament (Mizaj).
  2. Your temperament will flactuate with the seasonal weather and climate change.
  3. Eat more nutritive foods in cold weather and less foods in hot weather, because your digestive system is weaker in the hot weather.
  4. Don’t eat foods with different digestion time together, such as a big plate of  vegetable salad with your beef barbecue.
  5. Only eat a subsequent meal when your previous food is fully digested.


According to Avicenna’s viewpoint, you are better to eat the cold & dry foods (Lemon, Berries, Tomato, Cheese, Beef) in hot & wet area, and cold & wet foods (Watermelon, Cucumber, Potato, Lettuce, Yogurt, Fish) in hot & dry weather.

Oppositely, the warm & dry foods (Banana, Mango, Pepper, Ginger, Butter, Chicken) are good for the cold & wet area and warm & wet foods (Garape, Apple, Melon, Carrot, Milk, Cream, Lamb) for the cold & dry weather.

Please notice that from the cold or warm foods, we don’t mean their temperatures, but their temperaments based on the Avicenna’s classification.