About Us

We are a few herbalists, dietitians, and nutritionists who are practicing according to Avicenna’s medical textbook, The Canon of Medicine, which is still used in Persian traditional herbal medicine and Persian traditional cuisine.

Avicenna believed most patients can be treated by food instead of medicine; if the patient was not healed, he/she should use simple or compound Herbal Medicine. He considered the interactions of following Six Essentials for keeping a healthy lifestyle which can also be the causes of diseases:

  1.   Climate
  2.   Foods & Drinks
  3.   Exercise & Movement
  4.   Sleep & Rest
  5.   Excretion by urine, vomit, stool, sweat, and bathing
  6.   Psychological and mental conditions

This evidence-based medicine has been practiced for a few thousand years, becoming a part of the Middle East’s food culture such as the Mediterranean diet and the Persian traditional cuisine. This holistic approach is still being practiced for the following purposes:

  • Cooking neutral foods that are suitable for everybody around the table to eat and do not promote a specific body temperament.
  • Preventive Medicine to prevent health disorders by having a medicine food or snack. The medicine food has the opposite nature to your body temperament.
  • Complementary Herbal Medicine along with standard conventional medicine, if the latter treatment is not so effective.

All nutritional diets are personalized based on the individual’s temperament (Mezaj). Therefore, each person should choose a food diet and lifestyle which matches his/her distinguished temper, otherwise, the imbalance in body temperament and humor leads to the onset of the following diseases:

Obesity, Underweight, Allergies, Headaches, Digestive diseases, Liver diseases, Infertility, Cardiovascular diseases, Anxiety, Depression, Cancers

For an online examination of your body temperament please click here.